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The smart ways when ineligible to apply for a scholarship in Germany for Indonesian

Applying for master degree scholarship in Germany for Indonesian students that take study in Germany is really worthy; it can support their study financial and help them to complete their study without difficulty in money. Scholarship, when a study in Germany will cover several expenses such as tuition fees, administration fee and sometimes some scholarship, founds monthly cost. Then, what you should do when you unable to get a scholarship but need more financial support? Here are what you need to do to cover the cost of living expenses.

The cost of study in Germany

Do you still need a scholarship in Germany for Indonesian while taking higher education in Germany? Since 2014, 16 states in Germany abolished the tuition fees for undergraduate level students in all public Germany institution and universities. This means that both local and international undergraduate’s students in public universities can study free. They just need to cover small cost to an administration fee and another study cost per semester.

While there, the cost of living in Germany is unavoidable. The cost of living in Germany is more expensive when considered in other areas. For example, Munich is considered a city that most expensive living cost average with 12.000 EUR per year. For comparison, the average cost for living in Germany is around 10.200 EUR per year.

Working regulation for international student in Germany

Working as a part-time worker is one of a smart way to support your financial. It is legal for students to work with a student visa. However, international students are restricted to the hours they can work. They are able to work 120 days full days or 240 half days per year. There are several options to work those students to take. How many students can earn money while taking jobs in their study? On average, students can reach 5-15 EUR per hour and roughly around 450 EUR a month which it can use to taking care of the living cost expenses.

To make you eligible work while a study in Germany, you will need to eligible spoken in Germany well. But if you are already in Germany for at least 1 year and know basic of German, then you are able to find a job easily in Germany. A student who takes education in Germany, they need to spend at least 650 EUR for cost living in Germany. The cost of living in Germany considerably varies depending on the city you live in or the countryside.

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