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5 Scholarships to Study in the Netherlands for Free

5 Scholarships to Study in the Netherlands for Free – Europe is still being the ultimate destinations for many people in the world to continue their study. Undeniably, this continent was indeed the hometown of many scholars, intellectuals, and philosophers. Aside from Germany, Switzerland, and the UK, the Netherlands also have many enthusiasts anyway. Of course, to study there, it is not something easy. Moreover, this country is also known for its high living cost. If you are able to get a scholarship, it is much better for sure. Here are some scholarships to achieve in order to study in the Netherlands for free.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships in Netherland

Some universities in the Netherlands include various study programs in the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships. The number of scholarships given is limited indeed. But it is definitely a chance for you to enjoy a quality education program in some top universities including the University of Leiden, University of Utrecht, and the University of Amsterdam. There are some qualifications given that are basically just similar to the Erasmus Mundus programs in other countries.

Orange Knowledge Program

The next scholarship that you can apply to study in the Netherlands for free is namely Orange Knowledge Program. Previously, the scholarship is known as the Netherlands Fellowship Program (NFP). The scholarships are funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. They are given to improve the capacity, knowledge, and individual quality of the students. Sure, the competition is so tight in which you must compete with other students from the other 51 countries in the world.

Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS)

Orange Tulip Scholarship is a scholarship program established by the government of the Netherlands in cooperation with some educational institutions, and the local government of the related country. The study programs available in this scholarship are for the bachelor’s and master’s degree. In one country, there are more than 36 scholarships available with a total of EUR 656,000. If you are accepting in some certain universities, you can get a full scholarship while in some other universities, the scholarship gives is partial.

Holland Scholarship

Holland Scholarship is funded by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Education, Culture, and Knowledge. They are in cooperation with some universities and research centers in the country. Holland Scholarship is intended only for students outside the zone of European Economy who want to continue their students with a bachelor’s and master’s program. in the first year, the fund given is around EUR 5,000 to study in the Netherlands.

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